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in technology here. but many start yaups, as well. double digits, about 13 odd percent. so getting a fast growing industry like technology up and running and getting the employment that goes with it is key to ireland's fortune. i want to talk more about what is going on in this space. joining me now is ryan holmes, founder and ceo. your business is very interesting because i've linked up my twitter and facebook accounts and when i post, it goes to the other. i go and check my private e-mails, my work e-mails. what is the way to get all this connect and had to make life simple for me? >> that's right. we help people connect twitter, facebook, linkedin, about 30 others social networks all in one place. you can schedule, accepted out messages to all of them and learn what people are clicking on, how they're engaging with the content, what types of content. we help teams work more effectively and help using social easier. >> particularly at this point in time when people are using facebook and twitter. we got some early numbers out suggesting that the users in the teenage category by facebook
, international furor going off the technology business to become the next silicone valley in an unfair way, using a rather attractive tax structure. but in some ways, this is a big public relations exercise over the next couple of days to prove there is more to technology here than just the tax system. so you can see behind me, a whole bunch of stores where many of these engineers are showing their wears or if they're pitching on stage trying to secure a venture capital money. they're all here trying to prove that technology in ireland is one that the prime minister has been focusing on. i'm going to be catching up the prime minister prime minister later on as we see that bell rung for the nasdaq. between the technology sectors in the states and here in europe, this is a company serving a growth story. let's hope it is one for ireland, ross. >> good stuff. thanks for that, ross. don't forget, come up tomorrow, karen will have interviews with the current rising stars ryan homes and hoot suite. that's tomorrow. right now, you need to keep et here on cnbc. coming up with the countdown to the opening
included. stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. >>> more from the states, proxy firm tells microsoft not to for for a new director. they've noted a possible conflict of interest because thompson is ceo of the cloud computing firm virtual instrument which sells software and licenses back to microsoft. the company's next shareholders meeting is november the 19th. microsoft stock pretty flat in frankfurt. >>> facebook is getting slammed in a new report. it's claimed the social net, woulding site creates less business opportunities than any other dij at that time tall marketing venture. the brand's post is only being seen by an average of 6% of users. facebook says it's advertising strategy works. facebook's stock is down 0.5% in frankfurt. >>> and google is sed to begin the rollout of its technology. only around 10,000 products have been given out so far. but it will introduce dprally gmail. it will allow existing owners to invite small groups of friends to buy the device. google stock today, pretty flat, as wel
- bum ♪ stick with innovation. stick with power. stick with technology. get the flexcare platinum. new from philips sonicare. >>> >>> british security firm says it's dismissed a 1.55 billion pound offer. they described the bid as highly opportunistic. late last week g 4 s's ceo resigned. that resignation was amidst allegations of charging government contracts. the other company involved in that was serco. that ceo also resigned on friday. the stock is up slightly rebounding a little bit from the fall we saw earlier. meanwhile, s&p says it's not one of the potential bidders for struggling smartphone maker blackberry. the chief financial officer told the magazine that blackberry doesn't fit into our strategy. it's part of sap's core applications. >>> here's a big question for monday morning. just how strongly do you feel about your preferred brand of ketchup? for all the heinz fans out there, you'll be surprised to find out mcdonald's is ending the partnership. the former head of burger king is now the head of heinz. is that a reason to dump heinz t tomato ketchup. is ketchup a deal brea
you about some of the chatter from the technology companies because there's been an enormous amount of securities concerns of late. and there are suggestions that some of these tech companies and the likes of facebook might like the i.p. that blackberry has. the bbm, blackberry messaging is seen as very secure. do you think this is one of the saleable items that blackberry has? >> you can certainly split pieces of the company off and put them up for sale. i think that the facebook conversations are more about partnering, more about trying to bring new services and new features to the platform more than they are facebook actually acquiring a handset product. so it will be interesting to see how that unfolds, but i do look for facebook potentially to partner with blackberry in ways, if the company's starting to be broken apart and sold into a services and hardware type of platform. >> there has been a huge amount of competition for that third spot in the smartphone market. we have seen a lot of android moves. microsoft coming in that spot. how hard would it be for a revived blackberry
and trading then on thursday. patrick keen is president of share through and advertisen technology platform. he joins us from new york. patrick, thanks so much indeed for joining us. twitter is going to have an $11 billion valuation. is that easily justified? >> yeah, i think so. especially when you look at facebook's valuation. they're about 10% of facebook's valuation, which is over $100 billion. so i think if you even look at a comparison to facebook, twitter is certainly well priced and is certainly of fair value, for sure. >> the critics will say, look, twitter has a narrower appeal than facebook, its reach isn't wide enough on desktops or mobile to create the competitive advantages of facebook and google have. is that a fair criticism or not? >> i think it is. when you look at twitter compared to facebook in terms of users, twitter is about the 00 million active monthly users, a little more than that. facebook as we know is over a billion. so i think when you see with twitter, twitter has a challenge of becoming more usable, more viable to mainstream users. twitter is obviously for al
of the technology -- all this fancy stuff that you see going on air at cnbc -- and he was no longer here. but ykept writing in, going, "where's lou? how's lou? we miss lou!" i get it, people -- you miss lou. so i just want to show you, briefly, what happened just a few minutes ago. oh! look who's here! [ laughter ] hi! say "hi" to everybody, lou. we've all missed you. >> oh, i see them every day. what are you talking about? >> no, i'missed you. the people on tv have missed you. >> hi. >> so he's still around. we still love him. and the truth of the matter is, i still wish he read me e-mails. now you know. but, anyway... until next week, there's only one thing that i want you to remember when it comes to your money, and it is this... people first, then money, then things. now ystay safe. bye-bye. >> coming up on "the suze orman show"... attack of the zombie debt! >> i have an unpaid zombie debt, and i'm getting my wages garnished every week 25%. >> also... there's something about my "1 on one" that seems familiar. look at you. >> girlfriend! >> girlfriend! and you ask me, "can i afford it for hallow
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7